Quick Thoughts on Rashean Mathis

Jack Del Rio had some strong words for Rashean Mathis today about skipping OTA’s and not being “all in” for the team. Rashean wants a new contract. His career is limited and now is the only time he has to make it happen. Good luck on that one Rashean.

My issue is with Jack. If there is one overpaid person on the Jaguars, it is Jack Del Rio. He not only got his “over the top” contract, but he mailed in a coaching performance in 2008. Basically, he turned over the team to Dirk and Greg Williams while he went off to plan his lavish foundation kickoff event. Only after the team went to hell, did he wave his arms and yell and put on a disingenuous show of commitment. Jack Del Rio hasn’t always been “all in”. Was he “all in” at the rally this year? As Wayne Weaver said, we have been average. Average in everything except coaches pay.  I would have loved it if Wane Weaver had scolded Jack in 2008 the way Jack scolded Rashean this week. I would have believed in that. Wayne Weaver has too much class for that. Jack has more hubris than class.

Jack got his money, but as a role model for committment, he doesn’t live up. If Rashean isn’t inspired by Jack’s words to get back to the team and surrender looking for money, I would understand why.
- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Hards words; but I agree in some level with it. The secondary looks very weak; and this is ain’t good messing with the best DB you had.

    On the other hand; with all the respect to Rashean; he had a baaaad year with injuries; and bad games (At least 1- Seattle); he might not selected the time so well to do this. Last year it would made much more sense. This year; I’M afraid not.

    I hope the situation will be solved; burt I had my doubts. Which is bad news!

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Rashean should be in camp and he should play. He sees one last opportunity to make significant money. It is a last gasp attempt and one he feels he needs to try. It is the business of football.

      Look at how the Texans are handling Andre Johnson, with class and discretion. It is markedly different.

  • http://bigcatcountry.com Collin

    great points. I don’t think he’ll get a contract, but it isn’t JDR’s call anyway. gene makes those calls so I don’t know why Jack is speaking out of turn.

    Gene’s got the Conn…


  • keithg

    I agree that JDR earns enough mney that it’s kind of easy for him to dismiss a player’s financial concerns.

    However, I would like to know how exactly any fan can make a judgement on an NFL coach’s committment. We see head coaches at media events, and on gameday. Where else exactly?

    I’ve heard 2 or 3 Jags players in the last few years say that they would never want to be an NFL headcoach, because the working hours are crazy. I assume they’ve reached this conclusion after watching JDR at work.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa


      Thanks for responding.

      A lot of people like and believe in Jack. Let’s hope he comes through. After watching him, i tend to believe he is more self-hype than real content. I think the players see through him. Just my opinion.

      • keithg

        You may well be right. May I ask what you are actually basing your opinion on? Any real facts here, or is just your opinion?

        BTW… I’m not entirely sold on JDR as a coach. I do, however, hate it when people (players or coaches) get dissed by fans for no real reason. There was a thread on Jags.com forum recently about how MSW sucked as a player, because he bought rims for his car and went out to parties… presumably this made him a bad character guy who did not put the work in. That kind of “thinking” drives me nuts.

        • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

          Based on interpretation of observation. Here is what I saw…

          2008 – Week 7 Jack throws a huge foundation kickoff event. The discussions on the radio leading up to it show a lot of interest. A lot of Jack’s friends flown in for the event. Huge. The team was falling apart. I think they were at .500 or a game below atthe time. Training camp had been considered lax. There was no real focus on it, Jack dismissed concerns.

          By week 10 or 11 the team was crumbling. There was a big show of locker rearrangement. There was a very public and confusing dispute with Mike Peterson. Reports of coaches on different pages, not getting together, not even liking each other.

          The team discipline deterorated badly. Penalty after penalty, confusion on the field. Joe DeCamillis tries to explain a special team failure, Jack won’t look at him, Joe visibly upset looks like he wants to cry on TV.

          Coaches leave after the season. Gene Smith assumes a strong role. Clearly time to right the ship. Gene owns all personnel decisions, Jack losses power.

          End of 2009, a lot of print ink spent by national NFL writers about Jack’s future. Questions about his work ethic, social committment, etc. Big meeting with Wayne. No show at rally. Many coaches close to Jack move on, find equal or lessor jobs.

          When I look at 2008, I see a team that wandered aimless all season and a coach who lost his players. When I look at 2009, I see an owner who lost his faith and turned to someone else. Reports are Gene will have say over Jack in 2010.

          Do I have facs? No. I have observations and interpretations. It is an opinion article.

          • keithg

            Terry, my opinion is that you are reaching. But, it’s just my opinion. It could be wrong.

            JDR, as a player, was not exactly known for being a lazy bugger. I personally don’t think he has been a lazy coach. My “opinion” is that the players are behind him (based purely on what players have said).

            Either way… I doubt that more than 0.05% of fans could even tell you what a NFL headcoach does on a daily basis. It does not stop us posting very public opinions on the work ethic or abilities of any coach… but, hey, this is the internet.

          • http://bigcatcountry.com Collin

            I love your observations and interpretations because even if they turn out to be wrong, they are very sound logical arguments that approach the issue itself.

            Do you think if we miss the playoffs again then Jack’s gone, or does he have two more seasons regardless?


  • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

    I am trying to stay away from Jack bashing, but he went after Rashean.

  • JagSoldier

    I am not for or against Jack. Ill tell you this though. Gene is good at picking football players. I bet he is good at picking new head coaches too. Jack needs to be careful his record doesnt give him ammo to talk too much crap.