OOPS - Looks like there was too much Pizza in the off season!

Is Terrance Knighton Fat?

There are two people I trust, Jeff Lageman and Zoltan Paksa. Both of them speak the truth and when they speak I listen. Both of them have been saying Terrance Knighton is overweight.  Is this a problem?  When you see these pictures after the jump, you will see Zoltan is right! Terrance Knighton has gained a lot of bad weight. This could be a problem! 

- Terry O’Brien     

Does Terrance Knighton have a spare tire?



Will Terrance be ineffective with extra bulk weight?





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  • Jason

    i would advise he turns some of the fat into muscle but the weight he stands at especially given what the Jaguars need him to do is jut fine where it is.

  • jagsalex87

    Pot Roast needs to lay off the Pot Roast.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Thanks for the nice words Terry; but I just collecting data; and you must give all the credit for this 3 shots. Excellent job!

    By the way: Jeff and Vic Ketchman was concerned about ‘Pot Roast’s weight in the end of last season; so this is sadly ain’t new stuff…

  • JagSoldier

    You ever see Warren Sapp without his shirt on. That guy played with a gut too. Knighton has all his coaches monitoring his weight. They will have him ready. Im not going to worry too much about this. Awesome picture though.

    • keithg

      I agree. I hae to assume the staff will be watching Pot Roast’s weight very closely indeed. If his extra weight is a continual thing AND it impacts on his play, i will worry. Until then, it’s not a big concern.

  • acedarney

    I wouldn’t worry about it, but yes, he’s a fatty. I’m sure the coaches will make sure he gets in shape during training camp.

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  • Chris

    I agree, he should lose some weight. But I wouldn’t fret too much as of now. The Biggest Loser on TV has a guy on there who has lost over 200lbs in 4 months, I’m sure Pot Roast can lose 10-15 in that same time period…if not more if the coaches want.

  • Bert Hayden

    This guy is a brest and if weight is what we are worried about from a down linemne on running D….Than we got problems.