Show me the money

Will Tyson Alualu hold out? – Probably yes.

He said he doesn’t want to hold out. He said he wants to be there with his team. I believe him and watching him, that is his character. 

Understand, however, that this is a different world than he has ever experienced. Pete Prisco had him on the radio program the Friday after the draft. Pete said “we will see you in the coming weekend for mini-camp”. Tyson said “Can you tell me more about that, when is it and when do i have to be there, i don’t know anything”.  I realized at that point how young they are and how much they need to learn about the business of football. 

Tyson Alualu will have an agent. His agent will take over and speak for him. Tyson will simply trust the guy to handle the contract issues. If the agent says we can’t sign right now, Tyson will say “but I want to be in camp”. His agent will say not until we have a contract. “And when will that be?”, Tyson will ask.  “I’m not sure, we need C.J. Spiller to sign first”.  Tyson will pace back and forth and do what his agent says. 

Here are the 2008 signing figures for positions 8-14 

8. Derrick Harvey DE Jacksonville Signed 5 years, $33.4 million ($17.177M guaranteed) 

9. Keith Rivers LB Cincinnati Signed 6 years, $23 million ($15.6M guaranteed) 

10. Jerod Mayo LB New England Signed 5 years, $18.9 million ($13.8M guaranteed) 

11. Leodis McKelvin CB Buffalo Signed 5 years, $19.4 million ($12.6M guaranteed) 

12. Ryan Clady OT Denver Signed 5 years, $17.5 million ($11.5M guaranteed) 

13. Jonathan Stewart RB Carolina Signed 5 years, $20 million ($10.795M guaranteed) 

14. Chris Williams OT Chicago Signed 5 years, $16 million ($10M guaranteed) 

Here are the 2009 signing figures for position 8 – 14 

8. Eugene Monroe OT Jacksonville Signed 5 years, $35.4 million ($19.2M guaranteed) 

9. B.J. Raji DT Green Bay Signed 5 years, $28.5 million ($18M guaranteed) 

10. Michael Crabtree WR San Francisco Signed 6 years, $40 million ($17M guaranteed) 

11. Aaron Maybin DE Buffalo Signed 5 years, $25 million ($15M guaranteed) 

12. Knowshon Moreno RB Denver Signed 5 years, $23 million ($13M guaranteed) 

13. Brian Orakpo DE Washington Signed 5 years, $20 million ($12.1M guaranteed) 

14. Malcolm Jenkins CB New Orleans Signed 5 years, up to $19 million ($11M guaranteed) 

You can see how the #10 spot tries to creep up in salary. The agents want to the top 10 spots to be closer together. The clubs want the position cost to decrease in salary as soon as possible.  In 2008, the gap between #8 and #10 was larger than the gap between #10 and #12.  In 2009, the gap between #8 and #10 was smaller than the gap between #10 and #12.  That was a hard fought negotiation, but once it was established, the agents will want to hold it. 

Tyson Alualu’s agent will want a salary higher than Michael Crabtree got last year, hey cost of living, you know.  I’m guessing the Jaguars open at $15 mil and the agent opens at $19 mil.  The best news is Buffalo and Cleveland are just ahead of us. If they can hold the line and get a contract, Alualu gets in quicker.  With a rookie salary cap hanging out there, I just think this will be difficult. 

Don’t blame Tyson for this one. He really doesn’t know. I do know this, he wants to be here as much as we want him here. I hope this works out. 

 - Terry O’Brien.

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I hope this year the Jags can avoid a holdout. I mean Alualu must be signed for TC. If not that would be a big blow for Gene and for the fanbase(I speak of the part of the fanbase who wanted TT…)

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Noted by Paul K. Well done Terry!

  • acedarney

    I never blame the player for the holdout. He always wants to play, while the agent always wants more money. It’s just an unavoidable process that must be done. Fortunately, this season, if Alualu holds out, D.A. Smith can fill that spot until he gets here. Maybe that will give them (agent & player) a little extra motivation to get the contract done earlier.

    • tkopa

      I am hoping Alualu says “Bring me something to sign before camp.” and that is his directive to his agent. That would show me a lot.

      • viator

        Absolutely, T. That would be outstanding. I already love the kid, but that would certainly increase my affection for him.

  • LOPAH ;]


    *GOD f1RST !

  • Jonathan

    Who’s Alualu’s agent? That’ll tell you alot about his chances of a holdout. Remember, the big reason Monroe held out last year was because Monroe was his agents first Top 10 draft pick and the agent couldn’t afford to “lose”

    • Susanne Green

      Not true we held out because of other reasons but it all worked out in the end !!!!!

      • tkopa

        Hi Susanne! Welcome!

  • Dan

    I believe if he holds out the jags need to start reducing their affords for him.
    He unproven in the NFL.
    I’m tried of see these kids come in hold out for more money and not producing.
    If the regular season starts let him go out and find a job in the real world.
    Hopefully his college education will do him well.
    Time for the NFL to start capping rookies salaries.

  • viator

    I hope he does not. We’ve had plenty of holdouts in the past. It would be nice to see a deal done before TC ensues.