A draft look around the AFC South

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Houson Texans:  I thought they had a good draft last year. They continued to build. If they could stop the passing attack, they could win critical games. On offense, they have no offensive weapons except Dre Johnson. Expect defensive backfield help and running backs and receivers in this draft.

Rnd 1: Kareen Jackson CB Alabama.  There he is, the hope for the future. Kareem can run, has long strides and speed.  He can play one on one.  The question is can he play intelligent NFL fast read football?  I have doubts and I think teams will scheme to pick on him. This is just a hunch, but this is not the Savior. Two stars for Kareem.

Rnd 2: Ben Tate RB Auburn.  This is a good selection, kind of like Greg Jones for the Jaguars. He has good quickness, can throw devastating blocks and is very powerful between the tackles. He can also catch out of the backfield. In the combine he did a 40 inch vertical, 10 foot broad jump and 26 reps at 225. That is a thumper index of 76, a huge number.  Ben Tate is a three star choice. A little high for round two.

Rnd 3: Earl Mitchell DT Arizona. Not sure I see this choice. The combine numbers are very very weak. A 28 inch vertical and an 8 foot broad jump says no legs. He did do 25 reps at 225, but without legs, he will be pushed around.  I see him losing the point of attack.  Weak selection.

Overall: The Texans did not haul in a lot to show for their draft. They have one good player in the backfield for short yardage and goal line scoring. The defensive backfield is still wide open and the defensive line hasn’t improved.

The Coltsgot two good players and strength to the team.  The Texas improved slightly. The Titans regressed.

 – Terry O’Brien

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