A draft look around the AFC South

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This was a very good and talent filled draft. It was also a draft filled with pretenders. A team with a sharp eye can really benefit all though this draft. A team that can’t see will end up with nothing. In the AFC South, let’s take a look around at our opponents draft and see if there is anything serious going on. 

Indianapolis Colts: If you look at the Colts defense you see all-world Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.  What you don’t see if the softness in the linebackers.  This draft targeted that weakness.

Rnd 1:  Jerry Hughes LB TCU.  Jerry has been playing defensive end for TCU but he is an outside linebacker of very good ability.  This is a 4 star selection in round one.

Rnd 2: Pat Angerer MLB Iowa.  In the Orange Bowl, Pat was very very good.  This, in my opinion, was a first round talent falling to round two. The Colts were smart enough to recognize it. Another 4 star selection.

Rnd 3: Kevin Thomas CB Southern Cal. The only thing I know about this guy is the combine numbers say he is fast.  The Colts must know something no one else does. Can’t rank.

Overall:  The Colts have added more quality to their team. Did they address the offensive line? Nope. But they are getting harder to score on, that is for sure. 

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