The Ultimate Blogging Mock Draft!

What would a mock draft look like if the lead blogger from every NFL team blog site participated in a real “on the clock” draft?  Find out on Monday April 19th as CBS conducts the real Ultimate Blogger Mock Draft.

The FanSided Network and CBS have worked together to put this event on. It will be a two round draft.  I have to warn you, I have a hard time not thinking about this fact:

If it wasn’t for Detroit, Jacksonville would have given up the highest pass completion percentage in the league.

The average was a 68% completion rate. Folks, we played the bottom rung of football last year. We played Kansas City and Buffalo and St. Louis. We played Cleveland, Tennessee and Seattle. Arizona went 27 of 32 against us. Chad Henne went 21 of 29 against us.

We were also the sixth worst team in giving up passing yards per game, 235.  Of course this is the same amount New Orleans gave up, but they had a better offense.

The point I am making is this,  this completion percentage and passing yards per game has to stop or the Jaguars will remain in the cellar begging for someone to buy their tickets. Oh No, I feel a rant coming on….

Gene Smith can you hear me!!! Get someone in here who can shut this passing attack against us off!!!!  Do it with everything you got!

 Ok, I am calm now. If feel when I am on the clock, there will be a strong needs pull within me. If Eric Berry is available, I am on it. If Earl Thomas can knock down some passes, I want him. If Joe Haden can cover like a blanket, he is a Jaguar in my draft.

Here is my one caveat, I still want Trent Williams.  I can put up with a passing percentage if I can watch a guy throw pancake blocks all game. With Trent Williams, we won’t be playing defense all that long anyway. We won’t turn the ball over.

Draft Jimmy Clausen? Fine, if that is what you guys believe, fine. I want real solutions to real problems. I am needs drafting in the tenth spot. Give me someone who can help us win.

Enjoy the draft folks, here is the link.  CBS Sports Mock Draft

- Terry O’Brien

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  • jonathan

    Don’t go need, go with who you think would be the BAP. That being said, a franchise QB overrides everything and if Clausen is there, take him. After that, Earl Thomas and Brandon Graham could work.

  • Collin

    Needs picking, huh? I would say CJ Spiller if you were going BAP. I think someone cloned Chris Johnson, because they look like virtually the same back to me.

    Trent Williams is an interesting pick. I wouldn’t be against OL ever.

    I doubt very highly that Clausen falls to us… So no worries there.

    Need meets BAP would be Eric Berry, but not many people think he’ll fall to us either. I tend to agree.

    Earl Thomas would be the biggest need I suppose. What scares me is he reminds me so much of Reggie Nelson. I like Berry because he reminds me of Donovan Darius in his early days.


  • jonathan

    On the 2nd thought, just take Tebow.

    • tkopa


      I thought you liked Clausen. Change your mind again?

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I think If 2 GM will be stupid enough to draft something insane(Odrick at 7; Bills at 9 Tebow; and we can always count crazy/undead Al) plus all 3 OL; the 2 DTs; the 2 QBs will be drafted; then Berry can fall to us! I think he is this year’s Eugene Monroe; and I hope Gene will be once again lucky. Then we might can trade Reggie Nelson(with Q Groves as a package deal) in the draft to get some extra picks no matter which round!

  • tkopa


    I think the same of Earl Thomas, bounces off of runners just like Reggie. But someone has to stop this abuse of our defense! Agree? I am feeling desperate.

    • Collin

      I do agree Terry. We have to get a new safety, that is a must at some point in this draft. R. Nelson doesn’t deserve another year to “prove it”, as he’s clearly regressed each year since his breakout rookie year.

      Earl Thomas scares me though. I just keep having flashes of Reggie Nelson playing patty-cake down the sideline.


  • bwfull

    Needs drafting got us Reggie Williams and Matt Jones. The more I hear about Thomas from TN the more I like him. The kid appears coachable and can play 2 gap (though he appears targeted for a one gap team in a 3-4). However, I have been big on Graham and no doubt he will be available.