I honestly don't know who Gene will draft

Who is it going to be? Who becomes the newest Jaguar next week?

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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

    The Clausen votes look like the Big Cat Country editors are stopping by again.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Well I stayed with Rolando; Terry

  • Adam

    Haha I just got here Terry and I voted as you predicted. If those 6 were on the board, I’d expect the Jaguars to take Clausen. If I was to be honest with myself, I doubt Clausen is on the board at 10, but Earl Thomas would be my guess for most likely scenario and he wasn’t an option so I went with Jimmy.

  • acedarney

    My hope is that none of those players are left when the Jaguars draft because they will have traded back to the latter half of round one.

  • Braden

    Personally, I think that Clausen will almost certainly be gone by that point. I also think that Gene wants to trade down. So, in the event that he cannot trade down, and all of these players (except Clausen) are available, the pick is Trent Williams.

    Not exactly a pretty pick, but imagine how exciting it would be to have an elite offensive line in a year or two. We don’t need CJ, although I like him a lot. Any decent running back can perform with an amazing offensive line. And MJD is more than decent.

  • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

    Brandon, you are right, in my opinion!