Black and Teals Value Board for the 10th draft position

Steve Martin made one really good movie early in his career, The Jerk. The movie opens with a view of a run down cabin in Mississippi with the voice over by Steve Martin saying “I was born a poor black child”. Steve Martin was the dumbest member of a sharecroppers family.  When Steve announces he is leaving home, his adopted father gives him this classic advice:

The reason I mention this is because if I ever sat down with Gene Smith and watched film, he would point out my choices and say “Terry, that is Sh*t”. Gene Smith, whoever he chooses, will be more right than I will be. By the way, he will be more right than most draft publications, radio guys, bloggers, and Mel Kiper. OK, so whatever I say here about the draft, I will be a Jerk. So what, I am going to do it anyway so here goes. This is Black and Teal’s top 5 selections for the Jaguars draft spot.

Number 1 choice: Trent Williams Tackle from Oklahoma.  If Gene drafts Trent Williams, I am beyond excited. But Terry, he isn’t that good of a tackle and we have Eugene and Eben, what are you thinking?  I am thinking left guard, Uber left guard, the left guard of all left guards. Terry, you don’t draft a left guard at the top of round one! Hey, I do! It is my draft, so hear me out. Trent Williams can play left or right tackle, that is true. If Eben Britton doesn’t pan out as a right tackle, move him to guard and put Trent in there. Start Trent at left guard next to Eugene Monroe. Listen to this. In 2008, he registered 131 knockdown blocks, 18 against Florida in the BCS title game. We are talking about a 6ft 5 inch 315 lb monster who explodes off the line and blows holes open. We are talking about a huge man that can move quickly and provide decent pass blocking. Move Uche to center, get Vince Manuwai healthy, improve Eben Britton and load up with Trent Williams. Man, that is the offensive line of all time. Trent Williams is a 15 year all-pro left guard and worthy of a top 10 selection.  He is my #1 most exciting selection.

Number 2 choice: Dan Williams DT Tennessee. We are talking about a quick 6 ft 2 inch 330 lb defensive tackle who dominated top college lines. Dan Williams is a terror to try and stop. Hey, even if he falls down, with his size, he stops the run up the middle. Imagine John Henderson getting a breather with Terrance Knighton and Dan Williams playing in the middle, then Big Hen comes in and spells one of them for a few plays. Imagine a fresh, huge, powerful defensive line with quickness on the edges in Derrick Harvey, Reggie Hayward and Aaron Kampman. Oh my God, I am having fantasies of a dominate defense right now. If we don’t get Trent Williams, get Dan Williams. Any guy named Williams is a good selection. Dan Williams is an exciting choice.

Number 3 choice: Eric Berry S Tennessee.  Eric Berry is not my first or second choice, but he may fall to the Jaguars. If he does, we are ok.  Eric Berry is a heat seeking missile when it comes to finding the guy with the ball. Cleveland used to have a guy named Don Rodgers and the backfield was Mr. Rodgers neighborhood, but you were not invited. Eric Berry has that level of talent. He can run with receivers, play zone, play the run and hurt people who come over the middle. It is time for the Jaguars to have a safety that hurts people. It is time to play punishing football. The Jaguars were not flagged for pass interference last year. With Eric Berry, I hope they lead the league in unnecessary roughness. I would be very excited to see Eric Berry show up in Black and Teal.

Number 4 choice: Rolando McClain LB Alabama.  When do you get the chance to draft a leader? When do you get the opportunity to draft a guy who has proven it on the field and led his team to a dominate National Championship? If the top three guys are gone and Rolando McClain is waiting, take him in a heart beat. The Jaguars have good linebackers, but this makes an over the top all-pro combination of Rolando McClain, Daryl Smith and Justin Durant. Rolando McClain had 48 solo tackles in his senior year. He knows how to find the guy with the ball and get there first. I would move him to outside linebacker and let his speed rush the passer. This guy is very good and as a Jaguar would lift the entire defense.

Number 5 choice: Joe Haden CB Florida. If the top 4 are gone, and that might happen, Joe Haden is no consolation prize, he is a top talent. Corner backs are good selections and Joe Haden knows how to play the position. But Terry, he ran a very slow time in the combine. OK, he did, and in his pro day ran in the high 4.3. That time is as good as any running back in the draft. Joe Haden is not slow and does not play slow. If we end up with Joe Haden, a shut down corner, in this draft, we have had an excellent draft. I would be very excited to see Joe Haden come to Jacksonville.

Now here are 5 guys I do not want to see come to Jacksonville and do not think Gene will draft them:

Avoid number 1: Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame.  Just a gut feeling but I think half of the fourth rounders will be more productive than this guy. Give me Tim Tebow over Jimmy Clausen any day.

Avoid Number 2: Derrick Morgan.  If the Iowa offensive line dominated him, then I would rather have the guys from Iowa on my team. In fact, any one from Iowa over Derrick Morgan makes more sense. This is a huffing and puffing bust.

Avoid number 3: Earl Thomas S Texas.  People that hope for Earl Thomas didn’t watch the BCS Championship game. Earl Thomas bounced off of people. Reggie Nelson is a better safety than Earl Thomas. Save your money and pass on this guy.

Avoid number 4: C.J. Spiller RB Clemson.  I actually like C.J. Spiller and think he will be a factor when he is on the field. A friend of mine follows Clemson football like a religion and his opinion is C.J. won’t hold up in the NFL. He thinks he doesn’t have the body for it.  I think he is right. C.J. Spiller will be exciting and then be hurt a lot.

Avoid Number 5: Jason Pierre Paul. DE South Florida. Those that like JPP are not picking Best Available Player, they are picking HGP Hopefully Good Player. JPP has the athletic ability but he doesn’t have a resume as a player. He is not BAP because he isn’t proven as a football player on any real level. This is too much of a risk for Gene.

Well, there you have it, my “know nothing” selections. You may disagree and you may be right. The only thing I know is I suggested last year Gene should draft either Michael Oher or Eugene Monroe in the first round and Duke Robinson or Eben Britton in the second round. So I am 50% right half the time.

Thanks for reading!

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Wow; wow; and once again Wow. Very nice reasoning and list Terry. I might put Dan Williams over Trent Williams; but I’M ok with the wish and avoid list. WOW!

  • Jonathan

    With Dan Williams, I just see Knighton 2.0. A big run stuffer who can eat up blocks. While that’s nice, I just don’t think the Jaguars could get the sum of their parts from it.

    As for Trent, interesting pick. I’m a little leary of guys who shoot up draft boards that fast (see Jason Smith last year.) In January/February people were saying he needed to go to RT to be effective in the NFL, now they’re saying he can play LT? Either way, I would never take a guard at 10.

  • JagHack

    I agree with you whole-heartedly about Clausen. I don’t get why everyone is jumping on his bandwagon. He’ll be a huge liability for any team that takes him, on and off the field IMO. While I think he’s a better passer, you’re right give me Tebow over him any day. I hope that Clausen falls to us only so we can trade down and acquire more base hits!

  • viator

    Another brilliant article. I completely agree with you about the Clausen sentiment. I’d take a cold over Clausen. He’s no Shinola, if you know what I mean. I love numbers 2 through 4 at pick 10, though I’d prefer to see the Jags trade down for the extra picks and snag 15. I appreciate your wisdom and honesty, Terry.

  • tkopa

    Thank you Viator, thanks for being a regular around here!

  • JagSoldier

    Dang Tkopa, you got me wanting a big DT now! Ill take the other Williams but right now I think I want to see the Dan the man, Big John, and Pot Roast show.

  • tkopa


    If Gene likes him then so do I. The strategy is sound, A fresh defensive line, I love the idea.

    Whoever we get at #10, it will be a great choice!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • FanofJag

    Any of these top 5 would be fantastic. I almost pooped in my pants last year when I realized the team at 7 didn’t pick Eugene, hopefully I’ll get that feeling again.

  • surteal

    Whats your reasoning on Clausen?

    anyone really. I just don’t understand not liking him. I’m not talking about at 10, just not liking him period

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    His attitude is not exactly sounds like who A player Gene would select Brandon. Wait with that QB pick until next year…That is my opinion too.
    Let’s give David 1 very last chance to prove if he can lead this team against heavy odds!