NFL Mock Draft - Black and Teal Version 2.0

The Jaguars are committed to Best Available Player regardless of need. I think Gene Smith makes a smart call, but will the fans agree? Do you agree?  Let us know!

Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
1. Ndamukong Suh Defensive Tackle Nebraska The Rams have needs in both of the lines. They gave up a lot of yards on the ground and gave up a large number of QB hits.  With a good run game, maybe it is best to pick the best player who will also help their weakness.  This pick falls right in their lap. Now get off the bottom St, Louis, you have too much talent to stay there.
2. Eric Berry Safety Tennessee The Lions secondary is just too weak to ignore at the number 2 draft spot.  With Eric Berry sitting in front of then, a rational person would select them. Detroit has James Harris helping them draft, so rational may not be the way they go.  I am giving them Eric Berry for their own good. They won’t like it, they drafted a safety last year, but it is for their own good.
3. Gerald McCoy Defensive Tackle Oklahoma Tampa Bay can’t stop the run. They are not a horrible team if they could stop the run. Rasheen Morris is in charge of the defense and will want this area addressed. Gerald is a one gap player in a cover two defense. Hello Tampa Bay!  Another pick falls right into place.
4. Jimmy Clausen Quarterback Notre Dame The Redskins have the defense. They just need a smart signal caller to get things moving. They tried to trade up last year for Sanchez. Will they think Clausen is the right choice? I don’t know, but they want a QB real bad.  I am not sold on Clausen, but perhaps the media attention in Washington will inspire him to play all 60 minutes and not just in a rescue effort.  I don’t like this pick, but so be it.
5. Russell Okung Offensive Tackle Oklahoma State Who got sacked more than David Garrard? Matt Cassell.  KC drafted  Branden Albert but with Russell Okung sitting here, there is no decision.  This pick is yet another that falls exactly to the right team. I don’t know if KC will listen, but they should!
Sam Bradford 
Quarterback  Oklahoma   What does Pete Carroll want? He has always cherished a quarterback and always appreciated a good defense.  He has two first round picks.  Does he go QB then defense?  I think so.  He can’t win without a QB and he has to take a chance on Sam Bradford.  No QB no success.  I think he is forced into this decision. That isn’t too bad, Sam Bradford is simply the only franchise QB in this draft. He will do just fine in Seattle.
7. Joe Haden Cornerback Florida Cleveland wants Eric Berry real bad.  He could fall if the quarterbacks break as predicted and Detroit drafted a safety last year, they may pass on Eric. If Eric doesn’t make it down to 7, Haden is a nice consolation prize. Joe Haden is the only premier corner in this draft and will boost the Browns secondary and help give Mike Holmgren a good start. The Cleveland fans know football and will appreciate this pick. Bring Dixon and Minnefield in to talk to him! 
8. Trent Williams  Offensive Tackle   Oklahoma The Raiders have talent on the defensive side of the ball, so this pick should be focused on offense.  They drafted a QB, a receiver and a running back. Is it time to address the offensive line?  Trent Williams is a good choice because if he doesn’t work as a tackle, he can work as a guard.  He is a monster and will help immediately.  Take my advice Al!
9.   Brian Bulaga Offensive Tackle Iowa The poor Bills had to cobble together an offensive line all year.  They were second in allowing the quarterback to be hit even though the QB threw it away as fast as the ball was snapped.  The Bills really need a quarterback but until and unless they address the offensive line, no quarterback will ever look good.  Problem is Buffalo never got this.  Let me help them on this; no college  team develops Offensive Linemen better than Iowa. Brian Bulaga may need time but he is a lot better than many guys the Bills have on the line. 
Dez Bryant Wide Receiver Oklahoma State  Eddie Royal and Dez Bryant, now that is a duo to fear.  But what if Brandon Marshall wants to stay? Has he worn out his welcome?  I don’t know if Dez Bryant is a lock here. They could use a good defensive lineman or linebacker.  Rolando McClain would work.  I really don’t like Dez Bryant’s potential and think Denver makes a mistake, but Zoltan has spoken, Dez goes to Denver.
11. Rolando McClain Linebacker Alabama McClain can play all three linebacker positions and he would add to an already impressive set of Jaguar Linebackers. McClain would add a solid tackler to the edge of the defense which is currently held by Clint Ingram. Ingram could be gone and having a guy like McClain on the depth chart could prove to be a good decision.
12. Sergio Kindle Outside Linebacker Texas Miami has a great power running game, a good offensive line and a quarterback they are happy with.  They could go wide receiver since Ted Ginn Jr isn’t what they thought.  A good receiving threat?  Is this a place Golden Tate fits? Miami needs linebacker help, and Sergio is a great choice to get into the backfield and disrupt the play. They will like that.  Sergio is your pick Bill.
13. C.J. Spiller Running Back Clemson I know Anthony Davis is supposed to go here but I am not buying it. When the combines come around, he falls. So does Mike Iupati. I am thinking excitement here C.J. Spiller or Golden Tate.  I think we go Spiller here. Too much talent to walk away from.
14. (DEN) Brandon Graham Defensive End Michigan A lot of people will be kicking themselves for passing this pick. Brandon will climb the charts soon and Pete Carroll will have his QB and a disruptive defensive end. This is a good draft for the Seahawks already.
15. Carlos Dunlap Defensive End  Florida The Giants big time defense suffered this season. Drafting to the defensive line is a trait the Giants always do well and Carlos Dunlap will love this home in NY.  I really like this pick and this placement. Carlos will be a star with Tom Coughlin.
Jason Pierre-Paul Defensive End  South Florida  Wow, C.J. Spiller and JPP. Hey what about the offensive line?  Mike Singletary let’s it go for the star appeal.  Suddenly SF 49er are dangerous on both sides of the ball.  The QB and offensive line will wait.  There is power in this draft and Mike likes it. A good pick.

Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
17. Brian Price Defensive Tackle UCLA Jeff Fisher has experience dealing with big ego players and this is exactly where Brian Price belongs.  Brian has all the moves and will get better and better here.  He is an effect and proud player and Jeff Fisher will get the most out of him.  I think Brian Price is a disruptive player that can also stop the run.  He is great potential but needs care and feeding.  This is a wonderful draft placement.
18. Anthony  Davis Offensive Tackle Rutgers I don’t like Anthony Davis but the Steelers are a good team to go to for him. They have patience but are a no nonsense team. Anthony will learn or be ridiculed.  Trust me, you don’t screw around in Steeler country. If he learns his craft, he will love the city and they will love him back. They are among the most knowledgeable fans in the NFL.
19. Kyle Wilson  Cornerback  Boise St  When Kyle Wilson shows up at the combine, watch the eyes pop out of people’s head.  He will become the “must have” kid of the late first round.  When he flashes his speed, it will dazzle the GM’s.  Whether he can play or not is yet to be seen, but Atlanta will take a calculated risk.  They may be richly rewarded.
20. Earl Thomas  Safety (maybe Cornerback ?) Texas  Gary Kubiak hyperventilates and passes out when this selection is made. Upon waking they tell him it is true and he lapses into a coma with a smile on his face. The same affliction affects hundreds of Houson fans.  Someone in the backfield to defend passes?  Earl Thomas can play with the big boys at safety or corner back.  He will get plenty of experience playing the Colts twice a year.  If he even knocks down one pass, the Texans go to the playoffs.  
21. Golden Tate  Wide Receiver Oklahoma State  Wow, Golden Tate becomes a Bengal.  Simply the most exciting game breaker other that C.J. Spiller.  Cincy needs a game breaker and this fit is wonderful. He might start out as a punt or kick-off returner but that is where Maurice Jones Drew started.  He won’t stay there. Look to Golden Tate to help Cincy return to the playoffs. 
22. Jermaine Gresham Tight End Oklahoma Bill Belichick and the Patriots always seem to steal a great player in the draft. Current TE Ben Watson is going to become a free agent in the off-season and, if a guy like Gresham is available, he will likely not return to New England. Gresham was looked at as a top 15 talent in last year’s draft. Bill got a great pick here!
23. Mike Iupati  Offensive Guard  Idaho  Green Bay needs to do one thing… Keep Aaron Rodgers off his back. Their offensive line has been abysmal. They are surprised Mike has fallen to them. Is it a gift or does everyone else know something they don’t? At this point they can’t take a chance on passing. Mike Iupati is cheered in Green Bay but I am not sure it will last. 
24.   Brandon Spikes   Linebacker Florida The weakness of the Philadelphia Eagles team is their linebacking corp. I am not sure about this pick but Brandon has shown enough in college to warrant a first round pick.  I actually think he will do well in Philadelphia, but probably not star. A good solid pick, not a star.
25. Donovan Warren  Cornerback Michigan Ravens defensive back coach Mark Carrier is the godfather of Warren. Warren went to Carrier to see how he graded as a pro and somewhere along the lines he had heard enough to declare for the draft. Warren’s fluidity and hip movement has been compared to Darrelle Revis’ and we all know how Revis has fared in the NFL. This is an inside job here as long as Ozzie approves. If he does, Donavan will be ok here.
26.  Derrick Morgan
Defensive End  Georgia Tech  When I watched Iowa take control of Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl, I didn’t see Derrick Morgan make that big of a splash. I thought Iowa controlled him fairly well.  I don’t get the love for Derrick, but at the 26th spot, he falls here. I think Arizona makes a mistake but there aren’t that many Defensive Ends in this top round, so good luck Arizona. 
27. Bruce   Campbell  Offensive  Maryland   Campbell has a giant frame, but his lack of experience has allowed him to slip to the later part of round-one. Will he be in shape?  The Cowboy staff thinks so but will have to use all their skills to get this kid into shape. Overall a good pick.
28. Jahvid Best Running Back  California  Jahvid Best is an amazing running back and everything depends on his returning from an injury.  He can run between the tackles, has great vision and can simply break a game wide open.  San Diago needs him and he needs a team that will have patience bringing him back to top level. In the Oregon game he was carried from the field almost paralyzed. If this injury doesn’t haunt him, San Diago gains a top ten talent.  God Speed Javon.
29. Brandon LaFell WideReceiver LSU Brandon LaFell has a challenge. He has fallen far and now must prove himself. This is good motivation for him because he is a natural athlete. He doesn’t have to work hard to excel and he may be lazy. Lazy and Rex Ryan don’t go together well and Brandon will become a star in NY. This is a pick and placement I love and the best thing to happen to Brandon. He can play, if he wants to. In NY he will work and perform. I really like this spot for him.
30. Patrick Robinson   Cornerback   Florida State Patrick Robinson is not the most complete player but he is fast and recovers well.  I don’t know if he will be a star, but with the combine and the film, the Vikings can’t pass him up. He might be a Reggie Nelson type of player but I hope not.
31. Dan Williams  Defensive Tackle  Tennessee  This is a Bill Polian special, find the talent everyone else let’s get away. Dan Williams will fit into the Colts structure well because he is versatile and quick and big. He can play all along the defensive line.  This is a scary pick for the rest of the AFC South.  Good job Bill! 
32. Ricky Sapp Defensive End Linebacker Clemson  Ricky Sapp is a Jason Taylor type of player but without the work ethic.  If he dedicates himself to his craft, he is an amazing talent.  I am hoping that New Orleans can get him motivated. They need the help in this position. When you consider Paul Spicer for a spot on this team, you have reached low for talent. I hope Ricky works out here. 

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  • surteal

    just out of curiosity, what is it that you don’t like about Clausen? Is it him to Washington, or something about his play?

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Clausen is one of the miysteries of this draft. I think he is the best QB in the entire draft; but there are some bothering signs about him.

    Thanks Teerry; to took my takes on the board!

  • Nikola

    I’m waiting to see how will Raiders suprise us this year :-D

  • Bryan

    No way the Skins go QB round one. Campbell’s biggest problem was the patchwork O-Line he had. My guess is they go O-Line with their pick.

  • surteal

    whats mysterious about Clausen? You must see something I completely missed

    I think the ‘skins have to go OT. Samuels might retire and then to add to it, their line is just abysmal. I still believe Campbell can play at a high level. Whatever it’s worth.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    To Nikola- Me too.

    About Campbell-Ah the experiment is done. Shanahan will bring a new guy.
    Do you think QB was the bigest need for the Lions last year??? Was Stafford that good to have the Nr. 1 spot? No.
    The position is overdrafted-plus this year’s draft is REALLY WEAK FOR QBs; they CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • tkopa


    I get the sense, just a sense, that Clausen is not someone people rally around. He never seemed to have that aura about him. More of a loner. I also get the sense that he rallies the team when the challenge is there, but doesn’t put it out a ful game. I am thinking there might be a head case here. We see this in QB’s now and then, talent, but self absorbed and introverted. Just a feeling is all.

  • Bryan

    Zoltan – Shanahan also knows his great QBs were that because of his O-Line. I think Clausen/Bradford either goes number one to the Rams or the first QB picked will be between 6-11

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    We will see Bryan on April 22nd

  • Kev

    Nice mock I like how you threw some sleepers into the 1st rd like Sapp and Lafell. I dont think any of the quarterbacks this year are ready to start right away though.Check mines out and let me know what you think.

  • surteal


    I never watched him play a full game. My analysis, sadly, is off of youtube highlights. I know, amateur stuff…lol.

    In all seriousness, he just pops off the screen with talent and it would be a shame if you were right. I did some more reading and it appears that he has the personality of philip rivers. I am disgusted by Rivers’ lack of respect for the game and the fans, but, for what it’s worth, Rivers is one of the best QB’s today. Sad situation.

    I watched some Clausen interviews on youtube and he seemed fine. But personality issues are not normally confined to rumors.

    Great overall mock. I think LaFell can be good, but is not assured to be good. I question one of two things: 1)taking plays off (effort-Randy Moss style) or 2)conditioning (speed).

    I don’t know which one it is, but it is one of the two.

    You could argue that the speed deal is just how he is, unfortunately, thats moot. It can change. He has been at a top program so if he wanted it, it would’ve happened.

    Maybe I’m being too critical.

    Terry, Z
    Good talking to both of ya again.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Our Pleasure Brandon!

  • surteal

    i got a new theory.

    jags trade with browns to get sam bradford.

    Redskins and Seahawks pass for OT’s. Seahawks LT Walter Jones is retiring, per PFT. and the Redskins Chris Samuels will in the next two years if not now. Their line was playing 3rd and 4th stringers last season.

    Mangini has that wise Belicheckian approach of gathering picks and we need a franchise.

    Bradford’s footwork is fantastic.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Maybe but he is a Byron Leftwich via durability. THIS IS NOT A GOOD YEAR FOR QBs….

  • surteal

    I don’t understand that. A lot of people are with you on that, but if you land awkward on your shoulder with a big ugly helping out….you get hurt.

    then, he came back to early and landed similarly. The only concern i have is if it heals right. It’s a one-time thing in my mind.

    Combine will tell us.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    If he got injured with that in the NCAA-whjat will he got in the NFL???? (Remember Stafford this year???)

  • surteal

    tebow woulda got injured on that and then when they lost(which meant the season was over), he tried to pull em back and they never shoulda allowed him back in.

    I guess we’ll just agree to disagree, but i reserve final judgement until i see him throw at the combine or pro day