Jacksonville Jaguars Mini Camp | Day One Analysis

Today was the first day of the Jaguars Mini Camp and it was great to see the team back on the field.  There was a healthy crowd considering it was at 4pm on a Friday and the crowd definitely had a postive buzz.  The defense worked on the far field so it was hard to see much of their practice so my details on them are a little sketchy.  I did see lots of the new WRs along with the QBs.   Now for a few notes:

-Garrard is leaner, Landry is bigger and the O-Line is absolutely huge.  Tra Thomas and Eugene Monroe were particularly large.

-Jarret Dillard has great hands, never letting the ball get to his chest.  He was also able to get out of his routes quickly.

-Mike Thomas did look short on the field but he caught everything that was thrown his way.  I was worried that Garrard would overthrow him but he was able to keep the ball down.

-The real highlight was Derek Cox who was quick to the ball and even got an interception.  All the doubters beware, we could have another Mathis in our midst.

-Brian Williams was lined up as a CB and Considine was playing Safety.

-Tiquan Underwood dropped a few balls.

-Torry Holt looked to be kind of going at half speed to me but you have to figure that an 11 year veteran has little patience for mini camp.

-The word out of the morning was that Lemon looked bad but I thought he wasn’t too terrible in the afternoon.  The other young QBs did not look impressive.

-Saw Weatherford hitting some corner kicks, Podlesh looked mediocre.  This should be interesting at training camp.

If there is anything else you want to know just leave  a comment below and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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  • bryan

    How did Rashad Jennings look?

  • Solinda Larsen

    Just wondering about Dewayne Lewis (CB).

  • hmmm…

    Wow… that’s really your analysis?

  • Ray

    Who was Derek Cox covering when he got the pick? Hopefully, he’ll be as good or even better than Rashean.

  • jeremybaldwin

    bryan – Only got to see a little of Rashad and he did a good job getting through the line but this is no contact and no pads so its hard to tell.

    Solinda Larsen – The Defense was on the far field so it was really hard to get a look at them. I am going to the Sat morning camp so I will keep an eye out for him then.

    hmmmm… – Hey I’m not a paid analyst, this is just a fan site. We don’t get to go down on the field like the credentialed media does so I’m trying to watch 97 guys that are over 100 yards away from me.

    Ray – Cox was covering Dillard but I wouldn’t say it was Dillard fault, Cox just made a really good move on the ball.

  • Robert

    Thanks for the amalysis,I came away with similair thoughts.

    1.) Tra Thomas is a physical speciman, and Eugene is very large.

    2.) I watched the running backs a lot and everytime I saw something impressive it was Rashad Jennings. After 3 plays you knew who he was, big, fast, and quick. He could be the steal of the draft.

    3.) Estandia looked like Matt Jones out there, he must have lost 20 lbs. He was moving like a slot reciever.

    4.)Dillard and Jones will make an immediate underneath impact.

    5.) Cox seemed all over whomever he covered, Williamson beat him deep once, but dropped it. uh oh.

  • Ray

    I agree with Robert, Rashad could be the biggest steal in the draft and help the Jags re-establish their runnng game together with MJD and Greg Jones.

    Can you also pick out some rookie free agents that caught your eye? How does Russell Allen (LB) look?

  • brandon

    when are the next public practices? Anybody that doesn’t believe in mathis needs to watch the games not the stats.

  • http://blackandteal.com Jeanne

    The next practices aren’t until August at Training Camp. We’ve got a long time. We’re in the deadzone now. :)

  • isledweler

    Did you see Chris McGaha catch any balls?