What The New Jaguars Uniforms Represent

Wayne Weaver got to speak to the crowd about the unveiling on the uniforms and he hit on something that seemed to be felt in the performance of last years’ Jaguars team. There was no identity. There wasn’t a single logo or look to define the Jaguars. People who worked for the Jaguars used secondary logos on their business cards, offensive linemen rolled up their jerseys so you couldn’t see another logo. He said that this water downed the image that the Jaguars had, that we had lost our identity. 

Weaver seemed tired of not having a uniformed look. When do we wear the all blacks? What do you wear at home? What do you wear away? If your TV doesn’t have the right color settings the Jaguars could be mistaken for the Eagles or vice versa. Now the Jaguars have a defied look. The have a set style for home games and away games.


Rashean Mathis is modeling the home uniform. Scott Starks is modeling the away jersey. You can’t particularly teal until you get up close that the away jersey has a teal accent on the dark lines and numbers. The new logo is in the background.


The words they kept repeating were “classic” and “timeless” throughout the unveiling. They wanted some one to be able to see the uniforms and say “that is a Jaguar player right there”. They want these jerseys to be the throw backs years from now.

The Jaguars are 15 years old this season. They are going through the growing pains associated with the teenage years. The last few seasons they’ve been dying their hair blue and wearing studded jean jackets. They have finally come to realize who they are and their role in Jacksonville. These new uniforms are a symbol of the Jaguars finding themselves and starting out fresh.

I was really fighting against this feeling but the Jaguars are getting me hopeful about the next season. They seem to know what they want and they’re going to get it.  

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  • fd

    can’t say I really care for the new unis. Oh well. Win some games in them and no one will care.

  • http://blackandteal.com Jeanne

    Hah, exactly. If you’re winning you could be running around in pink and purple jerseys and people wouldn’t say much.

  • Aroth

    I am not very pleased with the uniforms, they are so boring except for the lines on the front. And what is Weaver talkig about we have no identity? We are the only team with teal and these uniforms are the same colors. Plus I loved the black jerseys. I will have to grow to love them.

  • Aroth

    And they look like the Eagles uniforms except for that line on the front. I wonder what Torry Holt thinks.

  • eddie

    it looks like they finally put some stripes on the black pants.As for identity win some home games or any games but preferably home games and that should do it.

  • ron

    I would never buy either of those “classic” or “timeless” jerseys. This is insane!

  • Bk Titans
  • joe

    absolutely HORRIBLE!! how are they timeless?..what about the trendy stripes? the butcher there uniforms like the chargers and vikings did, what is this the cfl or nfl europe? yes they are clean and sleak and blah blah blah. who cares? they had great uniforms and now they have boring jerseys that nobody will buy.

  • JJ

    I guess i am alone when i say i think they are freaking awesome unis…

  • Jenny..the football fanatic

    I think the new uniforms are pretty tight. The old ones were good, and so are these, especially the nice helmets. I think Jacksonville needs to stop bandwagoning around and start supporting the team that represents this city instead of insulting and belittling them and their uniforms for goodness sake. Jags to the superbowl this year!

  • Dax…. All u haters

    Love the team, love the uni’s. Stop complaining we could be purple. Will be buying my all white Garrard jersey today. Love Em and lets go kick some ass in em. GO JAGS

  • Jase

    It’s funny how scared of change people are…you see the exact same comments re: the 49ers new uniforms. Don’t be scared of change people. Your new uniforms have less CRAP all over them. Honestly as a fan of a different team, I think that the new Jags uniforms are awesome! I hate it when teams have 6 different uniform combos (i.e. Eagles). The Jags old uniforms were too busy and tacky looking. The type of uniforms that when you see them 10 yrs later you’re put off by them. Your new look is clean and has a classic design that will last for quite a while.