Jaguars Preseason Schedule Announced

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a fairly typical line up for preseason games this year.

Week 1: Jacksonville at Miami
Week 2: Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
Week 3: Jacksonville at Philadelphia
Week 4: Washington at Jacksonville

The usual suspects are on the line up. Miami, Tampa Bay, Washington. We played those three teams last year during the preseason. However, there is one fairly interesting one. That is, if you can consider anything being interesting in the preseason. The Jaguars will travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagle in week three of the preseason.

Obviously, there are a lot of issues brought up about preseason, mostly centered around it being a glorified practice. However, I like it. You get to see guys fight for third string spots, never to hear their name again. There are so many stories that come about because of preseason.

After all, maybe we can take failed secondary player William James leave him in Philadelphia where he started. Now that would be a story I would be in favor of.

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