Worst Jaguars Draft Pick Ever

The Jaguars have made some bad decisions on draft day. Just through the Shack Harris years we were blessed with Byron Leftwich, Reggie Williams and Matt Jones. And those are only the first round picks! The question I have for all of you Jaguars fans out there is this:

What was the worst draft pick the Jaguars ever made?

Leave your nominee in the comment section below. The 2 players with the highest vote totals will compete against every other NFL team’s 2 worst draft picks in a 64 man tournament.

Here is my vote:

RJ Soward

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  • carol

    Byron Leftwich… he set the team back years and led to Garrard getting older before getting his chance.

  • http://NA Edward Jenkins

    Easy…RJ Soward. No comparison.

  • Justin

    RJ Soward…The guy was flat out a bum, when your coach has to call a taxi for you to get to work bcause your so smashed, you’ve got it bad.

  • Nate

    RJ Soward

  • Mike Cary

    RJ Soward – too bad, because he had talent and speed. Drugs ruined his LIFE!

  • johanna

    Hands down, even with Leftshit and crackhead Jones….
    It’s RJ Soward.

  • Barbara

    Byron Leftwitch

  • Will

    RJ Soward!!!!

  • tbone

    RJ Soward!RJ Soward!RJ Soward!RJ Soward!RJ Soward!

    I’m really suprised that Coughlin signed off on that, bum. He must have had a stellar interview!!

  • Steve

    Without a question RJ Soward

  • Ben

    I think this 64 man tourney should be only first round picks. So Soward is my pick. Leftwich would have been a star had it not been for his ankle. Jones was a major waste of talent, and Williams gave us 10 TDs one year.  I don’t remember the early picks(Pre 2000).

  • Waldo812

    Undoubtedly RJ Soward with Leftwich coming in a close second.

  • Charles

    While RJ Soward was by far the biggest bust 1st round draft pick.. the pick that did the most damage to the team was Leftwich. Leftwich put the team behind years. Imagine if Garrard was the #1 QB when we still had Jimmy Smith.. or the year Garrard took us to playoffs and then they put in Leftwich for the playoff game.. etc.. etc.. etc..

  • Wil

    I know he wasn’t drafted by the Jags but since you mentioned top 2 per every NFL team as far as worst draft pick ever, I can already tell you who the winner would be and save you some time, RYAN LEAF.