Should The Jaguars Trade For Jay Cutler?

After a tepid meeting yesterday, it has become apparent that QB Jay Cutler and new Broncos’ coach Josh McDaniels have not kissed and made up.  Cutler is still under the assumption that he will be traded before draft day even though the Broncos’ ownership has made several public statements denying this.  So the questions is, should the Jaguars try to pursue Jay Cutler?

I think so and here is how it can be done.  The deal would have to include sending David Garrard to the Broncos plus probably our second round pick and some other minor pick next year or another player.  I don’t see the Jaguars giving up their first round pick in a trade package unless they swap first round picks with the Broncos.  So let’s flesh this out:


Jaguars Get:

Jay Cutler


Bronocos Get:

David Garrard

Second Round Pick

2010 Fourth Round Pick


or maybe something like this:


Jaguars Get:

Jay Cutler

Broncos First Round Pick (#12)


Bronocos Get:

David Garrard

Jaguars First Round Pick (#8)

Jaguars Second Round Pick


If Gene Smith really wants to rebuild the team then a big move like this is how it needs to be done.  We get Jay Cutler then with our first round pick we take a Jeremy Maclin or Percy Harvin.  Bam.  All of a sudden we have a passing game and one that actually lets us stretch the field.  It is really hard to establish a running game without some sort of threat of a long pass.  This will take pressure off of Maurice Jones Drew and make us a contender instantly.

But it is probably just wishful thinking.

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  • Former Season Ticket holder

    Hell yes they should

  • James

    Man I don’t care about the “Should we” the question is have Jags front office had any contacts and how fast can we get this deal DONE!! lol

  • Jon

    Please… step away… from the crack pipe.

  • harperslaw

    Play Madden much?

    Really, this is stupid.  The Jags need to invest a low pick this year on a David Garrard 2.0, a guy that can come in and be brought along slowly so in 4-5 years from now he can take the reins from Garrard.

    Cutler is acting like a petulant child.  The Jags brought in a petulant child from the Raiders last offseason, and it worked out great, didn’t it. 

    Build the base of your roster through the draft, patch with free agency, and be patient.  No one player is going to put this team over the top.

  • barret

    please, lets be realistic, do you think Cutler would come here? No way and do you think the Jaguars would go after a flashy player????Heck no!

  • Dantar

    We do not need Jay Cutller. The only thing of value that comes from Tennessee comes in a square bottle with a black label. Build through the draft.

  • duvalbandit

    cutler is horrible why would we want him…. and to give up david for him would just be retardation….


    David Garrard is a career backup. 8 yr pro two years experience who had one season with a horsehoe in his anus. Of course we need receivers, so I suggest this type of trade action….

    Our selection in the draft makes us very capable of pulling off a trade for Cutler. We pick 8th. The teams who are in dire need of a QB (NYJets, San Fran,Denver) all pick below us. With that, that makes Stafford and Sanchez or possibly even both fall to our pick with those QB needing teams licking their chops.
    First, we must jettison Big John for a 3rd and 4th or 5th for emergency ammunition. Who could be interested in Big John’s services? Tampa Bay? They did lose out on Haynesworth so they would want to take a peek.
    Now if we could trade Garrard to one of those needy teams such as NYJets or San Fran and gather a fourth we’ll be lucky. The Jets media would torture these current rookie QBs, NY needs a veteran until another Manning or thick-skinned QB comes around. Stafford nor Sanchez would survive the barrage they would take to become successful. Besides, Rex Ryan is pressured to win now, there’s no rebuilding after the money they’ve spent the last two years.
    so here’s the scenario, A rare three way trade

    NY Jets gets
    and Denver’s TE Tony Sheffler

    Denver gets
    NY Jets 5th round pick
    Jaguars 1st round pick
    Jaguars 4th or 5th round pick from Big John trade

    Jaguars gets
    Jay Cutler
    Denver’s 2nd round pick
    NYJets 4th round pick
    With this trade the Jags can then focus on BAP
    If sold on Garrard for another year or so we have to go QB and fix both lines.

  • Jimbo

    Garrard is a backup medicore quarterback and always will be.
    I say we get Cutler.  He can sling the ball, and is just a far superior quarterback than Garrard will ever be.

    Either that or we hold Garrard one more season until Tebow enters the draft :)