BlackandTeal Vlog: Jaguars Win First Home Game In Ten Weeks

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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey jeane nice vlog, love that cute jaggy cap and the outfit is stunnig. we’d all hope you would bounce up and down more in your seat though to show your excitement of corse. hey dan-landryhat, now you know why i am over here all the time? thank you jeane. seeya

  • danzinski

    Ha ha Packers.

  • Titan Sized

    hey jeanne, tell these creepy dallas fans to titan up. not only are the cowboys players and staff full of creeps, but their fans are too? grow up fellas…

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh come on titan sized, we all are just trying to have a little fun. you titans are way to uptight. mello a little. hell if anybody should be insane it’s us cowboy fans. hey you gotta take it as it comes. i like jeane, and would’nt do or say anything on this sight to insult or show any hate. i’ve been on here before and have always complimented jeane for her hard work and loyalty to the jags. she’s a great gal, and she knows she has to take a little jeering being one of the few females on this fansided blogs. she’s very attractive, and i don’t think we have to tell jeane this, i think she’s aware as well. so i always come over and try to make her laugh a little cause we just can’t take this too serious. it’s all in good fun. i mean no harm jeane, i think you know that too. you do a great job and you give all of us guys something to look forward to every week. thank you. and if my commenting on your blog has offended you, i certainly do appologize, but i like your sence of humor and you are cute, so it’s been fun to banter here. thank you again. davedallasfan

  • Titan Sized

    yeah, you know it’s a bit creepy though, and that’s all i was getting at. i’m just giving you a hard time man. sure jeanne is a beautiful woman, but she’s a damn fine writer as well. i was just doing a little razzing, that’s all. don’t you go all t.o. on us now dave. i can’t stand to see a grown man cry. hahahahaha!

  • Jeanne

    My god, I leave my blog alone for two days and looks what happens when I am away. Thanks guys. I think.

  • theMBIIIeffect

    God d@mmit dave. That was really creepy. You just got caught and you’re backpedaling. Gross. Just talk football.

    Good vlog. I think you have a chance against the Colts. They haven’t had the best run defense so you should be able to put up points. Putting up more points than the Colts is usually a tall order, but Joseph Addai probably still isn’t 100 percent and Marvin Harrison is still not practicing. It could happen.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i ain’t backpeddleing at all. hahahaha what did i say that was so creepy? really? i mean it’s not like i’m some stalker or something. i said what all you damn guys were thinking. come on admitt it all you guys know it. i just had the nads to say it. we all “apprieciate” jeane. and her writing IS damn good too. i really do stop here just to give jeane a laugh and i’ve never done anything creepy over here at all. i hope it was funny jeane cause that’s all i meant by it. gross? hell no!!!! and having jeane here makes the football talk all the better. and harrison is out. hamstring. got him on my fantasy squad. love to see the jags pull out an upset. go jags